Explore an uncontaminated alpine corner.

Baceno is ready to welcome you at the foot of the majestic peaks of the Alps. It is a small rural village, in a barycentrical position, and it is an ideal place for an outdoor vacation among sport and relax.

Baceno is culture, nature, genuine hospitality: it is a still uncontaminated alpine corner, a gate to enter the Veglia-Devero Natural Park. It is only few kilometers far from the thermal station of Terme di Premia and from the astonishing Toce waterfall.

Diga di Codelago in inverno - Alpe Devero, Comune di Baceno - ph. Paolo Sartori
Chiesa Monumentale di San Gaudenzio a Baceno, Valle Antigorio

Welcome to Baceno!
Our small village is ready to welcome you and will surely surprise you. Wonderful places, shaped by millennia of collaboration between man and nature, will offer you visions capable of stimulating the senses and satisfying the view. History, culture, sports and genuine flavors typical of our traditions will help make your stay unforgettable.
We’re waiting for you.

Andrea Vicini, Mayor of Baceno

True nature

In Baceno, nature surprises you: environmental reserves are flanked by beautiful landscapes, alpine fauna and flora dialogue in harmony every day of the year.

Alpine culture

The imposing Church of San Gaudenzio, a true treasure of art and religiosity of this segment of Piedmont, is just a piece of the rich cultural offer of Baceno. To be discovered at a slow pace.

A warm hospitality

A genuine embrace, in the typical mountain atmosphere, awaits you in Baceno. Small accommodations, delicious alpine specialties, sincere hospitality are easily reachable. Click here to discover more.

Baceno, Valle Antigorio

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Chiesa di San Gaudenzio a Baceno, Valle Antigorio - ph. Simone Antonietti
San Gaudenzio Church

National Monument

Falesia di Osso - Baceno, Valle Antigorio - ph. Paolo Sartori
Outdoor paradise

Exciting climbing natural walls

Parco Naturale Alpe Devero - Baceno - ph. Paolo Sartori 1
Alpe Devero

The Natural Park

Find your inspiration

On this website you will find the best inspirations and tips to live in Baceno, in Antigorio Valley. In Baceno you will find small stone villages to be reached along the typical mule tracks, artistic and architectural evidence of the alpine tradition along with breathtaking natural scenery of the Alps. There are also many events that enhance the excellence and stories of this corner of Piemonte, on the border with Switzerland.

The most authentic flavors
from our pastures

After an intense day exploring the territory, what could be better than a tasty snack or a tasty lunch? The typical dishes of Baceno and its territory have the scent of simplicity and authenticity of mountain life...